eScholarship Journals Help

Help resources for eScholarship journal users are divided into sections based on your role:

  • Journal Managers - The Journal Manager can make configuration changes to the journal, such as editing email templates, adding new users, or modifying the workflow.
  • Editors / Section Editors - The Editor role has access to all manuscripts submitted to the journal, can register an editorial decision, and can publish issues. The Section Editor role has access to only the manuscripts which have been assigned to them.
  • Reviewers - Reviewers respond to and complete requests for peer review.
  • Authors - Authors submit manuscripts for consideration, monitor the status of their submission, view peer review results, upload revisions and participate in other editorial activities.

Additional Resources

eScholarship journal users may also want to check out the Video Tutorial section for guided walk-throughs of the submission management system, or browse our Community Forum for answers to Frequently Asked Questions, release notes and tips on best practices for open access publishing.